Building Blocks Bootcamps 2021!

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Summer 2021 sessions

Engaging, hands-on activities!

Areas of focus:

*Comprehension and Writing skills incorporating individualize strategies
*Analytical reading and comprehension skills for understanding higher level text
*Fundamental & Elementary level math skills utilizing multi-sensory math
*Executive Functioning instruction

Building Blocks Bootcamps

Engaging, skills-based activities to pique curiosity and develop conceptual understanding

Reading Comprehension

Certified educators teach multi-senosry reading comprehension strategies.

  • Direct instruction in Metacognitive strategies
  • Explicit application of strategies to text
  • Multi-sensory activities 
  • Student-centered, interactive lessons

Fundamental Math Skills

Certified educators make math fun by incorporating multi-sensory instruction.

  • Multi-sensory approach
  • CRA: Concrete, Representational, Abstract methodology utilized
  • Emphasis placed on conceptual understanding
  • Focus on foundational skills and concepts 


Written Expression

Certified educators teach strategies throughout the writing process.

  • Explicit instruction in: ideation, drafting, elaboration, revising & editing 
  • Direct application of strategies
  • Identification of specific, individualized methods
  • Multi-sensory, interactive lessons


Individualized Sessions

Certified and licensed specialists instruct students individually incorporating educational best practices and multi-sensory methods. This option is a tailored plan to address IEP goals and general education needs. 

We teach skills and strategies that lead to academic success!


Executive Functioning

Credentialed educators provide explicit instruction in Executive Functioning skills.

  • Direct instruction in: organization, time management, study skills, goal setting, and problem solving
  • Discussion of individualized application of strategies
  • Identification of personalized methods
  • Skills geared toward increasing student independence

Speech & Language Therapy

Licensed Speech Therapists address speech, language, and communication skills in individual and small group sessions. Social Skills are taught using evidence-based practices and programs.

Students learn and apply skills in an engaging environment!

Building Blocks Bootcamps Sessions

Bootcamp Details


Please bring your backpack with: pencils, highlighters, a notebook, hand santizer, extra face masks, water bottle, and snack.

Grades 9-12: please also bring a computer.

Drop-off & Pick-up

Please drop-off and pick-up at the posted times of each Bootcamp.

End of Session Report

Summary of skills and strategies instructed during the session.

Pinpoint individual student’s building block mastery and recommendations for continued support.

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