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Serving Students for Over 20 Years!

Why Choose Us

Academic Learning Services educators and specialists are experienced, personal, professional and dedicated.
We work with students year-round providing enrichment lessons, intervention services, and core instruction.

*Knowledgeable of learning differences and curricula
Implementation of best practices and learning strategies
*Proven record of helping students learn and gain confidence
*Approved provider for JPSN and ASP, two special-needs scholarships through the Ohio Department of Education

Our Services

Providing educational, intervention, and speech & language services to students in PreK-college

Individualized Sessions

Certified and licensed specialists instruct students individually incorporating educational best practices and multi-sensory methods. This option is a tailored plan to address IEP goals and general education needs. 

We teach skills and strategies that lead to academic success!

Small Group Classes

Certified educators teach students in small groups incorporating multi-sensory instruction and evidence-based curriculum. This option is perfect for families seeking an alternative school setting or homeschool extension.

We teach core subject areas aligned to standards!

Learning Pods

Blocks of time two or three days per week to support your child’s education. Daytime and after-school opportunities are available. This option is ideal for students who have remote learning days and benefit from in-person subject-matter instruction and frequent check-ins of application of skills and strategies.

We are skilled in teaching and supporting grade-level standards!

Speech & Language Therapy

Licensed therapists address speech, language, and communication skills in individual and small group sessions. Social Skills are taught using evidence-based practices and programs.

Students learn and apply skills in an engaging environment!

Specialized Services

ETR & IEP Advocate. Educators assist parents through the Evaluation Team Report and Individualized Education Program process, bridging communication between school staff and parents and enhancing understanding of student needs.

Parent support through the ETR and IEP process! 

Test Prep

Certified educators tailor instruction, practice, and rehearsal to your child’s needs. Students are explicitly taught skills and strategies in: PSAT, SAT, ACT, HSPT, and ISEE. Small group and individual sessions are available.

Students capitalize on strengths with personalized techniques and time management skills!

Programs & Practices

Researched-based programs and best practices lead to proven results


  • Explicit instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing
  • Multi-sensory activities and lessons

All About Reading and Project Read® Curriculum

  • Explicit instruction in reading and writing fundamentals
  • Incorporates core instruction and strategies

Reading & Writing Units of Study

  • Explicit instruction of skills and strategies
  • Active engagment and self-monitoring


  • Multi-sensory instruction
  • Aligns to grade-level skills

Lindamood-Bell Products

  • Visualizing and Verbalizing® program for cognitive development and comprehension
  • On Cloud Nine® math program for integrating imagery and conceptual thinking

Critical Thinking Co.™, Model Me Kids®, Social Thinking®

  • Explicit instruction in thinking and social skills
  • Application of skills


  • Direct instruction in goal setting
  • Monitor and achieve objectives

Progress Monitoring

Our team of educators work with schools to assist with the ETR and IEP process. Educators track IEP progress and work with the student’s district of residency to create and renew IEPs.

  • Inform decisions regarding eligibility for educational services and educational placement
  • Design instructional goals, learning objectives and plan interventions
  • Use standard measures of progress

Remote Learning Options

Certified and licensed educators provide remote learning sessions with students using online conferencing applications. 

Homeschool Consultation

Credentialed educators meet with homeschool families to assist with curriculum, instruction, and student portfolios. Experienced staff guide students through post-secondary transitions  and career coaching.

Executive Functioning Instruction

Credentialed educators provide explicit instruction in: organization, prioritization, recall and access active working memory, and self-monitoring


“I am learning to read, and I kind of like math now!”
~Madi, student

“My teacher teaches me skills in a way I can learn. I am more confident in my reading and writing abilities.”
~Henry, student

“Educators are fantastic! I don’t know where we’d be without the support and services.”
~Laura, parent

“I’ll most definitely send any families looking for academic support and alternative schooling options to you.”
~Brian, parent

“We are so happy with the progress our son has made! His reading and math skills are improving, and he is maintaining the skills taught.”
~Beth, parent

Let’s Start the Process!

Please call to schedule a meeting to discuss your child’s needs.

  • Review of child’s records and reports
  • Discuss and develop a learning plan
  • Determine schedule and placement





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In-Person & Remote Sessions

Our New Location!
8812 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati, Ohio  45236

Our NEW academic home features 4400 square feet of brand new space. We are exctied to provide safe social distancing for all of our students,  families and educators. We know this is one important factor schools are facing in creating back-to-school plans!